Managing an Absentee Web Design Client



Building a great website requires more than just a beautiful theme, layout, and perfect functionality. It also needs a healthy amount of communication between a designer and their client. 


Because, without client input, we possibly cannot achieve a project’s goals! It will also increase the chances of a successful output.


But it's not rare to have a few of those types of clients who drop a truck of information at once and then go on a long stretch of absence, which possibly has the potential to kill the progress of our project.


To deal with those 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow', types of clients, let's start from the root.


What Causes This Behaviour?


Once you understand the reasons behind a certain behavior, you can better learn to deal with it.


Normally, for People who happen to be both very busy and dedicated to their jobs, mostly occurs to them. These people are often consumed only with building their brand.


For example, think of an academic who is balancing teaching and speaking engagements.


Long Silence from These Types of Clients is Understandable


But when you have queries or have suggestions you need to tell them, they’re not available, it puts you in a bind. You're just sitting there, waiting for the information you need to keep things moving. Then maybe you decide to focus on another project in the available time. But that only lasts until your client drops out of thin air with another set of work in hand.


Set Clear Benchmarks and Deadlines


One of the best ways to keep a client at least a little focused on their web project is by calling attention to it. But it must be done with intention and consistency.


As you may find out by experience, emailing them after a few weeks of silence, won’t do much good.  And waiting for them to send revised content isn’t a likely option, either.


So, the first thing you should do is to look for ways to get your client’s attention right from the very start of the project. 

Start Working with them to establish benchmarks for where you’d like things to be at different stages. If they have a desired launch date, take that into consideration.


Important Note: Always ask clients for their feedback on your ideas and suggestions or activities.


Let's say, make a table or set deadlines for each thing and share it with the client so that both of you are on the same page.


• Like have the initial design process taken care of in this number of weeks.


• Building and testing need to be completed in this much time.


• A final review must be done this much time before launch.


This will provide the client as well as developers involved with a goal for completing the project. When a client can see the light at the shore of the sea, they are more apt to maintain focus.


Don't lose your cool and avoid open-ended projects.

Updated: 2021-10-26
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