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Best CRM Development Services in Noida

LYB Technology, being one of the Best CRM Development Services in Noida, offers cloud-based, intranet-based, and LAN-based CRM. CRM may be used on any device, such as a mobile phone, a computer, or a tablet. Accessible on every platform, including Windows, Apple, and Linux. CRM is easily accessible both within and outside of the organisation via the internet. CRM is completely secure and protected.

CRM built with MVC.Net and an MS-SQL database. It is completely safe and secure. There is no need to be concerned about data loss or hacking. is a MICROSOFT Company's most recent technology. That is quick and completely safe and secure.

Our Custom CRM Development Services may assist you in reducing more than 90% of your company's paper work. It enables you to automate a company's whole work process. Administrators and sub-administrators can track the status of the company and employees with just a single click. We have more than 1000 satisfied customers both inside and outside of India. After adopting LYB technologies CRM, we can proudly say that all of the customers are happy. Now, they can effortlessly handle the entire company's work process.


Custom CRM Development Services

What We Provide You in Our Best CRM Development Services in Noida:

LYB Technology is dedicated to provide Best Custom CRM Development Services which helps our clients to effectively manage leads, follow-ups, meetings, quotations, order and delivery dates, invoicing, and target vs. accomplishments.

  • Target vs. Achievements - The Admin can set an employee's target, and Our CRM will automatically track the employee's achievements and ranks.
  • Lead Management - Users can enter their leads into CRM. Our Lead management CRM solutions will allow you to enter client information such as name, phone number, address, and needs.
  • Meeting/Follow-up Management - The user can manage their meetings. CRM will automatically notify you of all the scheduled meetings and Follow-ups
  • Order Management - Our CRM Solution will help the user to receive and deliver orders in a very systematic manner by displaying the entire order process.
  • Invoice Management - Our CRM Solutions will help you to generate and print invoice on a single click immediately after receiving the order so that you can send this invoice to your customers along with the order delivery.
  • Employee Reporting - CRM provided by our company permits your employees to submit daily work reports. Administrators, sub-administrators, and team leaders can simply track all employee work reports which helps them to improve the productivity of their company.
  • Purchase Order Management - CRM allows you to generate purchase orders and deliver them to vendors.
  • Purchase Management - CRM allows you to buy items from suppliers and maintain track of your purchases.
  • Progress Reports - CRM generates graphical business and staff progress reports.
  • Reminders - CRM generates reminders for today's, tomorrows, and following meetings so that no meetings and follow-ups can be unnoticed
  • Robotics (Auto email and SMS) - CRM emails employee work reports, complaints, and payment reports to admin and the respective departments.

Custom CRM is About to handle your Customers.

A secure, user-friendly, and feature-rich ERP software perfect for manufacturing SMEs. Industry experts at LYB Technology ensure that no target is impossible for your business.

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