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Today, I am going to discuss the secrets of Local SEO which is one of the most important topics in digital marketing. In India, we normally use Local words for low-quality products. But in digital marketing, we do not use local for low quality. Local SEO means the process of optimizing your business or its website in such a manner that it can generate traffic from location-based searching. There are a number of local search engine optimization service, which can provide you advanced knowledge of this.

There are so many businesses that can take the advantage of local SEO like if you are a doctor or plumber then there are approximately 70% customers who want to take service from their nearby location and if your business or its website is optimized according to location-based then you will get multiple potential customers for your business.

The other advantage of Local SEO is that if you are providing your services in a small area or village and if you don’t have your business website then you can also optimize yourself for Local SEO.

How to optimize your Business for Local SEO

Keywords Research:

The first step of optimizing your business or its website for Local SEO is keywords research. Keyword means the query which is used by a user to search for any information on the search engine. Keywords research is the process of finding out the most suitable or targeted keywords for your business so that you can be found by more people. There are so many keyword planner tools on the web which can help you to research the keywords for your business like

  1. Google Keyword planner tool
  2. KW Finder
  3. Moz’s Keyword Explorer
  4. SEMrush
  5. Keyword Tool


After finding out the most suitable and targeted keywords for your business, you can use these keywords according to your location. Suppose that if you find a keyword is a plumber then you can use this keyword as Plumber near me or Plumber in your location name like “Plumber in Dwarka”.



After Keywords Research, the second step is that you have to create and verify Google my business account for your business. Sometimes, it is difficult to verify this account due to Google postcard can’t reach on given location but you have to verify your account at any cost for better results.

When you will successfully verify your Google My Business account then anyone who searches your business on Google Search or Maps can see your business profile on the right side of the SERP (Search engine result page) and the other advantage of verified Google My Business account is that you can create and update your business profile anytime which helps your potential customers to reach your business effectively which makes you able to perform effectively among your competitors.


The third step for optimizing your business for Local SEO is Local Business Listings. There are so many free and paid location-based business listings websites on search engines which can help you to appear your business on multiple searches. For this, you have to just search these types of websites from Google and create your business account on these websites for better results. The examples of top local business listings websites are JustDial, Sulekha, and Yellow Pages etc.


It is also the main step while optimizing the website for Local SEO. In On Page SEO, you have to optimize the on page of your website according to Local SEO. For optimizing the on-page of the website according to Local SEO, you have to use your location-based targeted keywords in the title tag, URL and content of the website. You can use 1 targeted keyword in the title tag, 1 targeted keyword in the URL and 3-4 keywords in the content for better results. If you optimize the on page of your website according to Local SEO then Google Keep it in its search results for the users who search for the location-based services.

I have shared the concept of Local SEO and the methods of optimizing your business for Local SEO with all of you. If you follow these methods then is a lot of chance of appearing your business on multiple searches because according to the marketing analysts, there are approximately 70% location-based queries are searching over the Internet which is very big. So, we can say that the future of Local SEO is very bright

Updated: 2020-10-31
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