Why Black Hat SEO Techniques are Dangerous?



Today, we will discuss why we should not use black hat SEO techniques in our marketing practice. Before talking about why we shouldn’t use these techniques, we need to know the concept of black hat SEO techniques because knowing the concept will be helpful for better understanding. Some digital marketers consider black hat SEO as an option to achieve higher rankings within a short span of time. Many digital marketers strongly believe that black hat SEO techniques are useful and they recommend others to utilize them. I want to tell you one thing- “You will be penalized, if search engines find out algorithmically or manually, that your website uses black hat SEO techniques.”

I am going to share some black hat SEO techniques that should be strictly avoided by us. These techniques are as follows-


It means the excessive use of keywords in the website. It is not an ethical marketing practice because it gives terrible experience to your users and your website will penalize by the Google Panda algorithm for using the low-quality content. Google prioritizes those websites which contain the content which gives the better user experience.


Duplicate content is a type of content that appears on more than one website. Using the duplicate content in the website can be the reason of penalty by the search engine. Make sure to check your content if it is piracy free prior to submitting it online and make it public.


Content Spinning is all about using the content spinners tools or scripts to generate content automatically and publish on your website without making any effort by your side. Using the content spinner tools may be beneficial for you for short-term but one day, your website will be definitely blacklisted from the search engine. So, we should not apply this technique to our marketing practice.


It is all about hiding the texts and links in the body with the help of CSS to position the text-off screen. It can be done by using the same color font as the background or setting the font size to 0 can be seen as misleading and is a disobedience of Google Webmaster guidelines.


Cloaking is nothing but a fraudulent way of utilizing two pieces of content; one for the human users and other for the search engines. Cloaking breach Google Webmaster guidelines and can get you penalized under Google Penguin update.


Comment spamming can be defined as the process of generating the backlinks for your website or blog by commenting on different blogs and websites even though the sites are relevant or not to your niche or activity profile.

I have shared some black hat SEO techniques which we should not follow in our marketing practice. These techniques are strictly prohibited by search engines and if we follow these techniques then our website will be blacklisted by search engines. If we want to get better ranking in search engines organically then we should only follow white hat SEO techniques for websites which help us to maintain the better ranking in search engines always.


Updated: 2020-10-31
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