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Today, I am going to share some tricks to write SEO friendly content with all of you. Creating SEO friendly content is very important to get a better rank in search engine result pages because search engines always prefer those websites for the better rank which creates SEO friendly content. SEO friendly content means the content which is written according to the search engine guidelines.

Following are the tricks to write the SEO friendly content for the website-


The keyword is a query that is used by the user to search on the web. The first step of writing SEO friendly content is keyword research because keyword research can help us to write quality and engaging content. We can research the different types of targeted keywords with the help of different keyword research tools available on the web like Google keyword planner tool etc.


After the keyword research, we have to write the quality content of minimum 300 words and use the targeted keywords in the title, URL, and the body of the content. We can use 1 keyword in title, 1 keyword in URL, and 3-4 keywords in the body of the content for better results. The main advantage of writing the content with proper use of keywords is that we can attract more targeted customers towards our website.


After writing the content with the proper use of keywords, we should use H1 and H3 tags in the content. Google always gives priority to them who use these tags in the content. We can use the H1 tag for the title of the content and H3 tag for the subheadings of the content for better results.


It is the main trick which we should follow for the better results. We should always write fresh and unique content for our website. The search engine always prefers those websites for a better ranking which always produces fresh and unique content on a regular basis. SEO copyright is also a case manytimes. You can also learn about Seo copywriting tips.


I have shared some tricks which can help you to write better content and get a better ranking in search engine result pages. I want to suggest you one “Always write the unique content without copying from anywhere” because it is a bad practice in the eyes of the search engine. If you follow these tricks in your practice then you will surely get better results.

Updated: 2020-10-31
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