Important Role of Big Data in Digital Marketing



Have you ever heard about Big data? I think Yes! Most of us know about how Big data plays an important role in this digital era. But some of us don’t know that big data also plays an important role in Digital Marketing. Yes, you heard correct! Big data helps digital marketers to prepare their digital marketing strategy because big data helps them to understand the needs and interests of potential customers effectively.

It guides a service provider to utilize the data in a more original and durable way when designing a product for targeted customers. As the world grows into more digital, companies have enormous data to deal with. Big data pulls out all the valuable data that can trigger a company's improvement.

Enterprise who uses customer analytics on a large scale is going to witness a 126% profit upgrade over their competitors.

— McKinsey research


Advantages of Big Data-


It is the first advantage of Big data which plays an important role in digital marketing because it helps us to track the customer choice and needs deeply which helps to retain the customer by providing the products or services according to their choice and need which helps us to perform better in the competitive market.

Effective Big Data tools like sentimental analysis provide such insight on what the customer or a group of customers are thinking.


It would be very helpful if we use data analytics while creating a digital marketing strategy because applying data analytics to digital marketing is not costly. There are a lot of service providers who offer database management solutions, mainly to startup companies who collected an enormous amount of data. However, with the changing needs, many best digital marketing services in Delhi providers have started offering data analytics as a service as well, this is an effective solution for the same small businesses that can now use ready dashboards, more so if you are from the non-technical background. It works like this, the data from your company will be hosted and also reviewed remotely, while you can access it on a requirement basis.


It is also very helpful while preparing digital marketing strategy because it offers predictive analysis which helps companies to look in the past, pick up what has worked, and see the impact of it in the future in a simulated environment and apply that strategy based on the desired results.

I have shared role and advantages of big data in digital marketing with all of you. Along with this- paid search, search engine optimization, and content marketing are also other forms of digital marketing aided by big data. All digital marketing people should understand the online marketing channels and use these non-conventional data sources like search information, customer transaction and other big data sources available. If we conclude the complete article in one line then that line will be “online data is very helpful for driving any successful digital marketing campaign“.

Updated: 2020-10-31
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